Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hell Hath No Fury

Hell hath no fury like Americans SCORNED

Americans spoke up BUT congress did not listen. Congress must be changed in the next election, which happens only a few months from now.

Now is the time to work hard to make sure you are being represented in your district by someone who understands America and will guard our liberties. Here is how to get it done!

  1. Find out who your representative is.
  2. Find out how your congressperson voted on healthcare.
  3. If your rep voted against, then support that candidate in the next election if they are running again.
  4. If your rep voted FOR, then find out who is planning to run against that representative, and support that challenger. The earlier you give your support, the more effective your support of that challenger will be.

How to find out who is running:

  1. Ask those who would know. Speak with neighbors and friends who are politically connected.
  2. If that gets you nowhere, search online for conservative groups or teaparty groups or Republican groups in your area. Google various combinations of (your town) + (conservative or teaparty or Republican) and see what you find.
  3. Call sitting officials in your town or city. A conservative Republican who is serving the mayor's office or the town council has already worked with conservative groups in your area, and knows how to find them!
  4. Call the Board of Elections if the above does not help.
  5. If all else fails, call your public library. The staff there will help!
  6. Call the officials of the groups you find, and ask them what is happening, and who might be running. If there is no one yet known to be running, volunteer to join the group and help them to identify and recruit a suitable candidate.

How to help your candidate

  1. Give money. Give money right now. Early money is important and can help a challenger get the needed foothold in the publicity game.
  2. Call the candidate and offer to help out with whatever they might need.
  3. Hold a meet-the-candidate event at your home for the candidate.
  4. Man a table at a city fair or other event, and give fliers out to those who pass by.
  5. Stuff envelopes. Make phone calls. Design or deliver flyers.
  6. Write a letter-to-the-editor of your local paper about your candidate. Keep it short, sign your name and address, and have someone proofread it before you submit it.
  7. TALK TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS. Make sure that all your contacts know about the candidate right away. The earlier they know, the earlier they can help too.
  8. Do find out if your friends are registered. If they are not registered to vote, get them registered. Elections are sometimes lost by just one vote, so every vote counts. Get them registered now. Some states have moratoriums on registering too close to the election.
  9. Make sure your children are registered when they are old enough. And be sure your elderly relatives who might have just moved to your state to be near you, are registered. Be sure to help them get an absentee ballot when the time comes, if they will not be able to get to the polls. Or give them a ride to the polls. Use early voting if your state has it!
  10. Did we mention about giving money? Even a five dollar check helps, but send it right now. And maybe you can send another little check later.
You are going to be fighting a big machine to challenge a sitting liberal. But you have a lot of power, and if you do just half of the above, you might just make the difference which puts another conservative over the top, and that will bring us all one step closer to re-establishing our liberties in this country we all love.

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