Monday, February 22, 2010

No More Free Lunch

Our First Lady makes an excellent case against free lunch. She tells us that things have flipped. A few years ago, five percent of our children were unable to enlist in the military because they were malnourished. Michelle Obama says that is why we started the national school lunch program. Now, twenty-six percent of people who try to enlist are denied on the basis of being obese, she says. That's a problem for national defense, according to her view. So she has taken on childhood obesity as her cause célèbre.

This all came to light as Huckabee interviewed Obama about her Let's Move initiative to cure childhood obesity. The answer is in the lady's hands. Why can't she see it? One of the most shocking stats she gave us is that "Most of our children consume the majority of their calories at school."

We had a few malnourished children......the government intervened to solve the problem, and is now supplying the majority of calories to our children. Problem solved? Well the kids have become fat, in numbers dwarfing those few who had been suffering from malnutrition. Obviously the answer is to cancel the school lunch program. Let's get on with it, Michelle. That is an easy fix.

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