Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Took Some Steps to Protect My Freedom Today. Wanna Help?

Thanks to all my new followers! I am loving checking in to your blogs as well. It is great to be able to share information this way.

I am working hard with my Lollipops blog to make sure we keep the president to his promise that the middle class will not have to pay for fancy-sounding, unwieldy, ineffective programs which sound good, but which will only lead to further troubles, and indeed to tyranny. Lollipops (free stuff from government) may seem tasty at first, but they are addictive and they are not a healthy food. Freedom, and independence and self-responsibility ARE. Our diet of LIBERTY has allowed the USA to inspire its citizens to be the best they can be. Millions of people working their hardest and taking care of themselves when they are able, has created the greatest country on the face of the Earth. Lollipops are overpriced, and they never guided a country towards greatness, but they have put many a country into great debt. The best way to keep from paying for Lollipops , is not to taste them in the first place!

Right now the challenge is how to keep the revolution going, and to resist the "free" Lollipops. Accepting government largesse will only weaken us and destroy what we have created. But how to do it? What can each one of us do, today, to get the word out to others, and to put pressure on Congress? What exactly do we say? Who exactly, should we call?

Luckily, there is a very handy to-do list from the Tea Party Patriots which spells out concrete, manageable tasks we can each do in no time at all. You can have this list sent to you each week by signing up on the site.

I would love to hear from anyone who is also following this organization, or others organizations are showing us exactly what we can do today to protect our freedoms and say no to the Lollipops.

Today, I already sent the suggested article to some of my centrist friends. I would love to stay and chat some more, but now it is time for me to call the members of the House Energy and Finance Committee.

NOTE: I called the following from the list, and it only took a moment

  1. (202) 225-2565 Jason Altmire Democrat PA (Blue Dog) Spoke to a nice person, told them to stand strong against this bill which I have read all of and which I do not like.
  2. (252) 237-9816 GK Butterfield, Democrat NC Told them government is never the answer to keeping costs down, bill needs to be changed to give more individual freedom and control, not LESS!
  3. (302) 736-1666 Mike Castle GOP DE (took my name, told me that they are going to respectfully ask me to call my own representative because I don't live in DE).
  4. (202) 225-4076 Marion Berry Blue Dog Democrat from Arkansas. I told them we are standing up strong for him as long as he continues to resist the Lollipops!
  5. 202) 225-3731 Christopher Carney Democrat (Blue Dog) PA. I told the nice lady I have read the whole bill and that I do not like it. She congratulated me and asked me how long it took me. I said I was up until 4 AM, and I though I did not understand the whole thing, I kept going. I think that if I can do it, the Congressman should TOO!
  6. (202) 225-6131 Dennis Cardoza Democrat (Blue Dog) CA. I said we have been watching CA very closely and don't want the country to go down the same road towards IOUs, etc, and the best way is for Cardoza to stand up against the President and says "no thanks" to the free stuff!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Liberal Solution Will Not Fix the Problems Caused by the Last

It is just amazing. Where is the END to this? When do the solutions to the massive problems caused by the liberal solutions END? No one will tell us. They just keeping make MORE damaging and demoralizing liberal “solutions”.

First, there is a wage freeze, and that leads employers to sweeten the payment package, offering health care. Which is a stupid connection—a stupid government-proliferated connection. Employers ought not to have anything at all to do with healthcare in the first place. But having all that third party coverage leads costs to go up—who cares if you get "unnecessary" tests and treatment, or how much it costs, when your insurance company is paying. Especially when you don’t even have to worry about premiums (and can’t) because it is not you who chooses the insurer, but the employer.

Not to mention, once people are done being employed, a lot of them are done being insured at all. So the liberal solution is to have a government program for the elderly—Medicare, which is snuck in as the first part of the a marxist dream of national socialized medicine. And Medicare naturally becomes the fastest inflating sector of the health care economy, because the third party GOVT payer is even more damaging than the private third party private payer. And that drives up medical costs for EVERY AMERICAN ALIVE AND TO BE BORN!

We should have had a fee-for-service program all along, with affordable insurance to cover catastrophic events, but no. We have a crazy patchwork of a system full of liberal solutions, or responses to liberal solutions.

And then liberal Obama comes forth and says, it’s really a shame---private solutions have not worked. The free market does not work. Freedom of choice does not work, and we need a comprehensive LIBERAL solution. YAY, another liberal “solution” to save the day. And that solution is to use force to make every individual succumb to the whims of Obama and his elite decision makers and their dreams of rationed health care. And then when rationing becomes a dirty word, the very liberal New York Times sails in to the rescue and tells us why centrally designed rationing has to happen.. and is some kind of a GOOD THING!

Conservatives are for rationing too. They just want the rationing to happen at the level of THE INDIVIDUAL, instead of in some ultra expensive, beautifully designed and decorated, Washington DC bureaucratic office. Millions of people acting in their own best interests, asking questions about procedures, and comparing costs, will ration the care which needs to be rationed. They won't order what is not likely to benefit them. But they will let go forward the care which they truly need. And the people, acting as individuals, will be free to make their own choices and will choose RIGHT almost all of the time. And costs will rise at the same rate as inflation, (instead of almost twice as fast, as they do with Medicare premiums), because people are making the tough choices every step of the way.

But liberals want the people trounced in the name of the "public good". What good is taking care of the public if you do it at the expense of the individual? And the worst part of all this is that a comprehensive government solution to the health care sector, which is one-sixth of our economy, is going to be expensive--and expensive at an immoral level. We have pointed out in other posts here that there simply are not enough rich people to pay for such a big health care plan.

Those of us us who want to hold Obama to his promise that he will not charge the middle class for the bitter lollipop of national, rationed, socialized health care, need to call our Senators and our Congress people today to tell them to stop this plan and replace it with a plan which brings the healthcare decisions back to the individual.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Health Care to Be Capped at One Trillion

I can make a firm pledge, under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.

---Barack Obama
September 12, 2008

YAY! Congress is now vowing to come up with a health care reform bill which will only cost us a trillion dollars. That is good, because I really did not want to pay any more than a trillion. Let's not forget, however that Obama got elected by promising the people that only the rich will pay for all the change he hopes to stick us with. Everyone else will see no increase in any tax whatsoever. Especially not the middle class. Obama is all about protecting the middle class and doing for the middle class and strengthening the middle class and never making them pay for any of the lollipops. He said it and he meant it and he said it more than once. And a lot of voters believed it.

The rich will pay and we shall all party! And they won't mind because the "rich" people in this country are loaded! How much does the bill for the health care bill come to, per rich person? If "the rich" comprise two percent of our society which currently stands at about 304 million people, that amounts to 6.08 million people paying the entire bill for the new health care plan.

A trillion dollars spread over 6.08 million rich people is $163,447 per elitist, good-for-nothing rich taxpayer. Piece of cake! That is hardly a drop in the bucket for the rich, right? Well not exactly. Remember, that is more than half the pay of many of the rich. And those people have other taxes to pay (state income tax, for example). Will they have anything left over? Or will they become poor through taxation? (Wow, the irony.)

Rich is anyone making over 250K. Obama said so. And 163K is more than half of that! But wait, I may have overstated that cost. Congress for some reason is giving us a ten year cost and not an annual cost.

Why a ten year estimate? I don't know why they don't want to figure it on an annual basis instead of on a ten-year basis. They are saying they will keep costs to one trillion over a ten year period. What happens then? We all are cured, no more health care needed? Plan canceled, no more payment necessary? No...... No. I am afraid there are going to be continuing costs to this dreamy health care plan, from now until we are all dead and gone. So that is 100 billion needed every year. And that brings us down to having each nasty old rich person pay only $16,447 per year to foot the bill for the entire country. That sounds a lot more affordable. Oprah Winfrey and Sean Penn etc, won't even notice. Quite a few not-very-rich, rich people might have to pull their kids out of private school or not buy a new car or not move to a new house, but who cares? (Well, actually, the people who are making the fancy houses and cars that the rich people buy will care when some of them get laid off. And the kids attending the private schools on needs-based scholarship will care when some of those schools close or severely cut back on programs due to loss of revenue. But I digress.)

And truly, it IS a graduated tax scale. So those at the bottom of "the rich" won't pay the average. But those who are at the top of "the rich" will see their taxes increased by more than the cost of my house each and every year. If they decide to stay in the country, that is. And they all will, because Biden has said it is very patriotic to pay taxes. And what is more pleasant than to write a nice fat check in the amount of several hundred thousand dollars to the IRS when you know you are helping out a whole nation?

Oh darn, there is more to add in to the final bill, however. Now I see that I have actually UNDERstated the cost. Health care is only one small part of what we are all going to get, and what the rich are going to pay for. They are also going to pay for everything else! EVERYTHING ELSE!

If you make less than a quarter-million dollars a year, which includes 98 percent of small-business owners, you won’t see your taxes increase one single dime. Not your payroll taxes, not your income taxes, not your capital gains taxes, nothing.

Barack Obama
October 16, 2008
So who is left? The poor are not going to pay. In fact we are already paying the poor, so they really don't pay taxes at all. So there is only the filthy rich. They will get the whole soaking. Obama promised.

Just go ahead and add in Cap and Trade and the 787 billion dollar stimulus bill we already had, and stimulus bill number TWO, which we are told is coming whether we like it or not. And pretty soon you are talking about some real money you can add to the 16K per year each rich person is going to pay for health care. So it adds up, but we are talking about those disgusting greedy rich people here and everyone knows the rich have money to throw away. The rich will handle it. None of those rich people are going to retire early, or move to a more tax-advantaged Caribbean Island or anything. They and Obama know that we need them, and they have got our backs. So they will be staying here and working harder than ever. And working very long hours and even neglecting their families to keep making lots of money. Just for us. 'Cause we're special. We're the middle class and we deserve it.

So what are you worried about? You can go back about your business. Nothing to see here.

Monday, July 6, 2009

MSNBC Promotes Socialism under a Friendly Sounding Name

All systems are capitalist. It's just a matter of who owns and controls the capital -- ancient king, dictator, or private individual. We should properly be looking at the contrast between a free market system where individuals have the right to live like kings if they have the ability to earn that right -------and government control of the market system such as we find today in socialist nations." ---Ronald Reagan

I have just finished watching a segment on MSNBC's The Morning Meeting centered around Spitzer’s article of the title Green Shoots, Red Ink, and a Black Hole. The host, Dylan Ratigan, invited three guests……and they all were speaking from a perspective that the government needs to take taxpayer money and “invest” it into new industries. Spitzer seemed to think we should just do a better job of spending what we already took from the tax payers, and the others wanted to take more.

Where is the BALANCE on MSNBC? Not one conservative guest appeared, not one person discussed the conservative perspective, not one stated the correctly the reasons that people are not investing in this economy. Not a single guest mentioned the thought that perhaps people are not hiring because they know that business-dampening regulation is steamrolling towards them and it will be very expensive. More expenditure by any business means less money available for hiring. One guest was saying we need to take more money from the people who earned it and have another stimulus. Which is pretty rich now that the first stimulus has failed so miserably. Every guest was talking about how we all want to protect capitalism, and every guest was giving solutions which involve the government taking money from the people and using it to bolster industry and energy solutions. No wonder people in this country have no idea what is going on and are losing their way. Organizations such as MSNBC are deeply polluted with misguided, liberal thinking and don’t even acknowledge true free market principles. And at the same time, they are claiming to be fighting for the free market. LOL. LOL. LOL! Are we paying attention and reading between the lines here?

All of MSNBC’s guests and the host on that segment were adeptly co-opting words they know resonate with the American people, such as “free market”, “capitalism”, “American ingenuity” and “creativity”. And all panelists blatantly ignored what it is about America that makes ingenuity, creativity, and wealth flourish here. All say we need for the government to step in and guide where the capital goes. GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF CAPITAL IS THE ANTITHESIS OF THE FREE MARKET, INGENUITY, CREATIVITY AND CAPITALISM.

This slanted, disingenuous host ---Dylan Ratigan----even went so far as to say that non-rules based capitalism is stealing and therefore we need something he calls "rules based capitalism". Ratigan failed to mention that the beauty of the free market is that it allows players to accumulate wealth and to stand up for themselves, which reduces the ability of others to "steal".

“Rules based capitalism” is just the new euphemism for government control of as much money as congress and the President can get their hands on, through industry, banking, energy, and health care. Government control of the capital of a country is socialism. The libs poo-poo the use of the word "socialism" and many of them say they don’t want socialism. And yet they vote for it every step of the way!