Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Liberal Solution Will Not Fix the Problems Caused by the Last

It is just amazing. Where is the END to this? When do the solutions to the massive problems caused by the liberal solutions END? No one will tell us. They just keeping make MORE damaging and demoralizing liberal “solutions”.

First, there is a wage freeze, and that leads employers to sweeten the payment package, offering health care. Which is a stupid connection—a stupid government-proliferated connection. Employers ought not to have anything at all to do with healthcare in the first place. But having all that third party coverage leads costs to go up—who cares if you get "unnecessary" tests and treatment, or how much it costs, when your insurance company is paying. Especially when you don’t even have to worry about premiums (and can’t) because it is not you who chooses the insurer, but the employer.

Not to mention, once people are done being employed, a lot of them are done being insured at all. So the liberal solution is to have a government program for the elderly—Medicare, which is snuck in as the first part of the a marxist dream of national socialized medicine. And Medicare naturally becomes the fastest inflating sector of the health care economy, because the third party GOVT payer is even more damaging than the private third party private payer. And that drives up medical costs for EVERY AMERICAN ALIVE AND TO BE BORN!

We should have had a fee-for-service program all along, with affordable insurance to cover catastrophic events, but no. We have a crazy patchwork of a system full of liberal solutions, or responses to liberal solutions.

And then liberal Obama comes forth and says, it’s really a shame---private solutions have not worked. The free market does not work. Freedom of choice does not work, and we need a comprehensive LIBERAL solution. YAY, another liberal “solution” to save the day. And that solution is to use force to make every individual succumb to the whims of Obama and his elite decision makers and their dreams of rationed health care. And then when rationing becomes a dirty word, the very liberal New York Times sails in to the rescue and tells us why centrally designed rationing has to happen.. and is some kind of a GOOD THING!

Conservatives are for rationing too. They just want the rationing to happen at the level of THE INDIVIDUAL, instead of in some ultra expensive, beautifully designed and decorated, Washington DC bureaucratic office. Millions of people acting in their own best interests, asking questions about procedures, and comparing costs, will ration the care which needs to be rationed. They won't order what is not likely to benefit them. But they will let go forward the care which they truly need. And the people, acting as individuals, will be free to make their own choices and will choose RIGHT almost all of the time. And costs will rise at the same rate as inflation, (instead of almost twice as fast, as they do with Medicare premiums), because people are making the tough choices every step of the way.

But liberals want the people trounced in the name of the "public good". What good is taking care of the public if you do it at the expense of the individual? And the worst part of all this is that a comprehensive government solution to the health care sector, which is one-sixth of our economy, is going to be expensive--and expensive at an immoral level. We have pointed out in other posts here that there simply are not enough rich people to pay for such a big health care plan.

Those of us us who want to hold Obama to his promise that he will not charge the middle class for the bitter lollipop of national, rationed, socialized health care, need to call our Senators and our Congress people today to tell them to stop this plan and replace it with a plan which brings the healthcare decisions back to the individual.


One Ticked Chick said...

This legislation is so wrong on so many levels. The goal isn't to "fix" healthcare, the goal is to exert more control over our lives. Everything the left is proposing (and passing) from Cap + Tax, to smart grids, to healthcare is all directed at the goal of robbing us of our freedom, plain and simple.

conservative generation said...

Excellent post here! As you pointed out there is a lack of individual control in health care. We have insurance and so we don't worry about cost. Since we don't worry about costs, we don't take responsibility for our health care.

Someday said...

Most people are not taught the history of how we came to this employer paid insurance system. It is exactly what you said it is...a reaction to a liberal/progressive freeze on wages across the board. Folks wanted to hire better talent, and since the progressive government of the time was intruding into private pay scales, the option to add a hospitalization plan was taken by private employers. Then the unions got wind of these plans and demanded them for their workers, and the rest is history.

We need to find a way to do what the progressives did in the 20th century. We need to actively seek people that believe in individual liberty and convince them to become teachers and college professors. And we need to seek to convert the members of academia currently holding positions.

Perhaps we can beat them at their own game.

The other choice is to "go Galt"