Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Astroturf. Now there is Proof.

Sorry to burst your bubble. There is now confirmed proof that the grass roots you have been part of is nothing but astroturf.

The display of outrage made recently by a thousands of Americans (or as Pelosi might call them, "un-Americans") is just a setup after all. There is nothing genuine about it. We have all been hearing nasty reports (rumors) from MSNBC for some time now, postulating that the angry mob is just a front. The whole charade has supposedly been financed by insurance companies which provide posterboard and crayons

Even the kids made signs

with which thousands upon thousands of angry people are making signs. These hapless automatons are connecting with neighbors, leaving their grandbabies for the afternoon, and/or taking time off of PTA meetings or whatever, or work, to go to town halls. It is all about doing the bidding of lobbyists who want to protect the income stream of the very rich. When these innocent shills get to the meetings, they sometimes yell, mostly when being lied to. One might think this is because these Great Americans are angry about what is being done to their country. But no. Chris Matthews, that crackerjack anchor over at MSNBC assures us that all of these thousands of concerned patriots are acting as part of a coordinated effort in response to The McGuffie Memo.

The main point of the plan, we are told, is to bring down Obama. We don't even know WHY anyone would want to bring down Obama, because he is a very affable guy and he is leading the country we live in. After all, we need for our country to succeed. Many of us don't entirely like Obama's dreams of the world as it "should be", and even more of us just don't think it is practical for him to try and create a utopia on Earth. With our money. For silly reasons like that, we don't support Obama policies. But most people have no interest in bringing Obama down. They just want him to keep his big fat hands off our liberties.

But Mort Zuckerman and some pretty-man anchor from what many insist ought to be called the MS-LSD network, has given us a clue. It has something to do with the word Socialism being spelled wrong, lo these many years. Turns out Socialism should always have been spelled beginning with the letter N! Confused? Let pretty-man anchor explain:

And now we find that this scheme, this conspiracy to bring down Obama, goes back many years, further than that McGuffie Memo and further than the involvement of the insurance industry. (Did we mention that Matthews seems to think the insurance industry is pouring out millions to buy those crayons for the tea partiers, despite the fact that they are at the very same time, spending big money to buy ads to support Obamacare? (The logic dispenser over at MS-LSD must be on the fritz)."

It was really all just rumor, until now. Just today, a reporter has caught it on tape. And now we can conclusively prove the whole thing is in fact, astroturf, carefully laid by a gang of men who pranced about in fancy clothes. The scheme to incite Americans to stand up against tyranny did not start during the week in which Obama ordered the House to pass HR 3200. No, and it did not begin when tea parties were held across the land on April 15th in response to the 787 Billion dollar stimulus plan and other run away spending. The conspiracy did not even begin when Rick Santelli got mad on CNBC's air and bellowed out the famous rant which is famous for having given Americans the idea to have tea parties.


Here is the proof of where all this dissent comes from . Look at this video. One Katy Abram spoke at the Arlen Spector town hall today and she SPILLED THE BEANS!

Did you hear what Abrams said? She is caught red-handed for all the world to see. There is no denying it now. She must not have been very well trained, because she lets the secret slip, at 1:25 in this video. Apparently a group of several dozen schemers were determined to bring down Obama, before he even got elected. Yes, it was some guys you may have heard of, acting in concert with a gang of lesser knowns. In a very sinister manner, they assembled and decided to make life a living hell for today's proponents of a health care plan of the unaffordable lollipop variety. It was THEY who decided to make people rise up against Obama and his nocialist dream.

Signs at Raleigh Tea Party March 2009

Amazing when you stop to think that this happened almost twenty decades before Obama even enrolled in that fancy private school in Hawaii. Also involved in the plot were men by the names of a Mr. Adams and a Thomas-something-or-other, though each was out of the country at the time of the dastardly deed and thus unavailable to sign some kind of a memo to mark the occasion. There was a memo, though. And it, (NOT the McGuffie Memo) is the memo which Katy Abrams read, the one which propelled her on her mission to stand up and speak her mind and defend what is rightfully hers. And THAT is the memo which got so many Americans (real ones, thank you, Ms. Pelosi) all hot and bothered and ready to strike out and attend a bunch of boring old meetings with sourpuss congressmen and senators. So you see, it was all contrived, all planned, and all brought about by that little four-page memo written by a bunch of guys in fancy clothes harboring delusions of grandeur. Somehow they thought that simply by writing some flowy-looking words in cursive on four pieces of paper, they could reach right ahead through the centuries and give people courage and strength to stand up to Obama and others like him. And thus the plot began. Thousands answered the call of the memo. And thus the crowds were manufactured. Astoturf!

Check it out. It is a good memo. It is all the rage right now, and roaring right back into fashion. But be careful and read this document at your own risk. If you succumb to the temptation and actually read it right through, you yourself just might be incited to start shouting at town hall meetings too.
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