Saturday, November 22, 2008

Protecting the Middle Class Starts with Saying NO to the Goodies

We in the US have been promised that we can have our cake and eat it too. The rich, we are told, are going to pay for a complete restructuring of the country into a nanny state which will take care of all manner of ills. Those making under $200,000 will get a tax cut, those who are making between $200K and $250 will have no increase whatsover. Only those making $250,000 and above will have to pay. And they will joyously accept the entire bill!

Good. Let's get started. Sounds like a great plan. Ah, but will it work?

It does not work in other countries, so it seems a bit daft to expect it to work HERE. The middle class are going to have to stand up and protect themselves from increased taxation. After all, that is what we were promised--we are not supposed to have to pay. And let's not forget that. Let's make absolutely sure that we don't get screwed by the rollout of the transformational change we have been promised is coming down the pike.

It is easy to get elected by promising lollipops. Even better if you can convince the people that those lollipops are free. But life is not free. Government is not free. And this blog will examine and monitor the unsustainable notion of Unaffordable Lollipops for the Electorate. I suspect the best way for the middle class to protect itself is going to be to stay aware of what is offered, and to scream quite loudly NO THANK YOU to much of it.