Thursday, November 4, 2010

CBS Calls Obama Insane. In pictures.

Someone recently asked me to analyze what CBS was trying to tell us with a certain photo.

There is tremendous symbolism in this photo, where CBS put two men to the right of Obama and two men to the left. The network clearly persists in the delusion that Obama is some kind of a centrist! Notice how even though Obama is old enough to be needing glasses, he refuses to wear them. CBS is trying to tell us that Obama is not yet ready, even after the tsunami election, to see things clearly. One of each pair of the other men, however, IS wearing glasses, which means that no matter which house of the legislature Obama tries to work with, he can expect some problems seeing eye to eye.

The depicted group includes no women at all, which conveys to us that over at CBS it is still a man's world. Not only that, but CBS wants us to know that, from Obama's perspective, Cantor and Boehner stand on the left, while Schumer and Reid sitteth on the right hand. This language calls to mind the Apostle's Creed. CBS wants us to be thinking about religion. CBS has been bashful about criticizing Obama for sitting in Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years and never listening to a single sermon. That shyness is over with the publishing of this daring photograph.

CBS depicts Obama as all mixed up in the head. The man is so far to the left of everyone else, that he can't even see which pair of men, might be more liberal than he is. And of course, none is, and none ever will be. CBS is starting to make a little sense now.

Only seven stars appear in the flag. This reflects an understanding that Obama will favor a very small number of states as he makes his plans about what to do going forward. Clearly one of these states will be California, which Obama will be wanting to bail out sooner rather than later.

I don't see anything else in this photo. I think it is pretty simple and obvious. Oh, except for the line down the middle of the President's face. CBS thinks he Barack Obama has developed a mental illness, perhaps schizophrenia. Things are seeming more and more ominous for the Obama/Media lovefest.