Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hungarian Billionaires and Stimulus

The thing to do, is to go out your front door and walk around in your neighborhood, asking all your neighbors how they like HOPE and CHANGE. If they like it, tell them to have a nice day. If they are worried, ask them to join you!

Only a certain segment of the community is connected via internet. Only some people are paying really close attention to politics. It is a growing number, true. Conservative talk radio and Fox News are picking up amazing numbers of listeners and viewers. But remember that not everyone is plugged in. YOU may know that the lollipops promised are simply not affordable.............but does your neighbor know it too? Perhaps not, so it is up to you to get the word out.

There are hundreds of non-profit groups throughout the country which are funded by Hungarian billionaires, or funded perhaps even with stimulus money....that was YOUR money a few months ago, remember? Anyway, you had better believe that a certain number of those organizations are paying their employees to sit all day and figure out where the likely voters are so that they can elect the next liberal democrat, the next socialist, the next marxist, the next maoist, the next communist.

We can just sit back and let that happen. Or we can get out and start talking to our neighbors. It is time to spread the word.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great job - I'm adding your blog to my blogroll sidebar.

It is my now hardened belief that we will all wake up, one way or another...eventually...whether we want to or not. May our legacy not be one defined by fear, but by educated, proactive determination, as citizens - CEOs (citizen executive officers) of the United States of America - and the Constitution we have ALL sworn to protect and defend.

PS - why is it every other kind of CEO can simply FIRE people who fail to do the job to their satisfaction (without waiting, they just hand 'em a pink slip and a box and tell them to clean out their cubicle...NOW, today!) and we the CEOs of the United States of America have to wait until 2010 to exercise our authority?