Thursday, November 17, 2011

Intel at Occupy

I could not get over how many police vehicles were on site when I arrived at McPherson Square to check out the Occupy DC thing. You are wondering how many times I have been, yes? Because I have written so many posts. But I was only there just the once.

Anyway, it truly was just crawling with police. Which I thought was probably normal, given the threatening behavior the group had been responsible for over the weekend at the Americans for Prosperity Conference. And one street was all filled up with empty buses, too, which I thought was strange. Some of the occupiers were very agitated about both the police cars and the empty buses.

The comrade seen here with the purse slung over his shoulder (if you will kindly take a peek at the blog post from November 10th you will will know why we have to call him comrade) told me he was on an intel run. I met him at the corner of 15th and K and he was heading east, planning to go half a block away from the square, and walk all the alleys on the perimeter. There might be police vehicles hiding back there, ready to make a move.

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