Monday, October 17, 2011

OWS Publications

Here's what's on the Publications Table at Chapel Hill's OWS event as of  October 15, 2011

You can tell a lot about people by what they read. And by what they offer up for you to read. I took a picture of the literature table at the local occupy thing and then came home and looked some of this stuff up. If you dig into some of the links below, you might begin to see something of a pattern. 

The Unabomber Manifesto 
by Ted Kaczynski who who killed three people and injured a couple of dozen others through a mail bombing  campaign spanning some nearly 20 years. 

20 Years on the MOVE
MOVE "is a family of revolutionaries, of naturalist revolutionaries, founded in Philadelphia in the late sixties/early seventies, who oppose all that this system represents". -- Mumia Abu-Jamal"

Earth Liberation Front 

Rob Los Ricos Manufacturing Dissent

"We recommend you read these texts in the woods, where the fanzine and we belong."

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