Monday, July 6, 2009

MSNBC Promotes Socialism under a Friendly Sounding Name

All systems are capitalist. It's just a matter of who owns and controls the capital -- ancient king, dictator, or private individual. We should properly be looking at the contrast between a free market system where individuals have the right to live like kings if they have the ability to earn that right -------and government control of the market system such as we find today in socialist nations." ---Ronald Reagan

I have just finished watching a segment on MSNBC's The Morning Meeting centered around Spitzer’s article of the title Green Shoots, Red Ink, and a Black Hole. The host, Dylan Ratigan, invited three guests……and they all were speaking from a perspective that the government needs to take taxpayer money and “invest” it into new industries. Spitzer seemed to think we should just do a better job of spending what we already took from the tax payers, and the others wanted to take more.

Where is the BALANCE on MSNBC? Not one conservative guest appeared, not one person discussed the conservative perspective, not one stated the correctly the reasons that people are not investing in this economy. Not a single guest mentioned the thought that perhaps people are not hiring because they know that business-dampening regulation is steamrolling towards them and it will be very expensive. More expenditure by any business means less money available for hiring. One guest was saying we need to take more money from the people who earned it and have another stimulus. Which is pretty rich now that the first stimulus has failed so miserably. Every guest was talking about how we all want to protect capitalism, and every guest was giving solutions which involve the government taking money from the people and using it to bolster industry and energy solutions. No wonder people in this country have no idea what is going on and are losing their way. Organizations such as MSNBC are deeply polluted with misguided, liberal thinking and don’t even acknowledge true free market principles. And at the same time, they are claiming to be fighting for the free market. LOL. LOL. LOL! Are we paying attention and reading between the lines here?

All of MSNBC’s guests and the host on that segment were adeptly co-opting words they know resonate with the American people, such as “free market”, “capitalism”, “American ingenuity” and “creativity”. And all panelists blatantly ignored what it is about America that makes ingenuity, creativity, and wealth flourish here. All say we need for the government to step in and guide where the capital goes. GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF CAPITAL IS THE ANTITHESIS OF THE FREE MARKET, INGENUITY, CREATIVITY AND CAPITALISM.

This slanted, disingenuous host ---Dylan Ratigan----even went so far as to say that non-rules based capitalism is stealing and therefore we need something he calls "rules based capitalism". Ratigan failed to mention that the beauty of the free market is that it allows players to accumulate wealth and to stand up for themselves, which reduces the ability of others to "steal".

“Rules based capitalism” is just the new euphemism for government control of as much money as congress and the President can get their hands on, through industry, banking, energy, and health care. Government control of the capital of a country is socialism. The libs poo-poo the use of the word "socialism" and many of them say they don’t want socialism. And yet they vote for it every step of the way!


Wendie said...

MSNBC is a joke, that's why nobody but moonbats watch it and its ratings are so bad. I wouldn't trust any economist on MSNBC to have any idea whatsoever as to what they're talking about. They're just towing the line for Obama hoping to get brownie points from this administration.

Just a conservative girl said...

And this surprises you how?

conservative generation said...

I love the MSM phrase "the government is investing our money."

If the government is investing my money, this is how it actually goes. I hand the government $100 in $20 bills. As I let go of the money, my investing broker the government drops one $20 dollar bill down a storm drain. I frown. The government shrugs. Then the government invests in one of it's favorite cronies like the unions or GE wind electric. As it hands the money off the government drops a second $20 bill into the storm drain. I protest. The government pats me on the head and says "too bad, but only I am good enough with your money to invest it for you."

Great post.