Friday, April 17, 2009

CNN: Certainly Not Neutral

Susan Roesgen will soon be a household name. You have never heard of her? No, perhaps not. Not yet. You have not heard of her, and she has not heard of you. SHE is a reporter for CNN, though I use the term loosely from today forward. And YOU are the "thinking man" of America. She truly knows nothing about you and has never met you, nor anyone like you. If you have not seen this snippet of her work, you really must take a look. Almost one hundred thousand people have seen it already. You are a little late!

Are you feeling a tiny touch of outrage about the ignorance of Susan Roesgen? The bias of Susan Roesgen is unparalelled in news reporting. And the fact that she would display her ignorance under the guise of news reporting is shameful.

Whether you have already joined the Tea Party Movement or have yet to figure out why you should do so, this video is likely to make your blood boil. Roesgen is purportedly acting in the capacity of reporter, but she demonstrates no objectivity whatsoever. Does she work for Cable News Network? Or does she work for CERTAINLY NOT NEUTRAL??

She has clearly taken a position on the tea party story, which she is not supposed to do! Not only that, she seeks to educate the father she is interviewing. What is she? A teacher? A teacher who roams the streets with a video crew, hoping to tape her lessons as she lays knowledge upon the masses?

The Tea Party protesters are just average Americans and the man holding the baby is no exception. Roesgen is very hostile and lectures her interviewee to the effect that he is eligible for a four hundred dollar credit, and she apparently thinks he would care. She cannot even conceive of the fact that this man does not want the "crack" the US Government wishes to hand out to its people. She wants him to know that Illinois is going to get a nice present of fifty billion dollars from the federal government. She is angry with him that he wishes to talk of LIBERTY and LINCOLN; she takes a very aggressive tone in barking her information at him. Why is she giving information at all? She is supposed to be LISTENING to this man and collecting information. The father she is berating believes the government should let the people keep their money; presumably this man is against the creation of a nation plagued with dependency. Perhaps he reads my blog, lol. He had to learn this stuff somewhere! He knows all about Unaffordable Lollipops and he doesn't want any. He just wants his freedom and wants to go out and earn (and KEEP) enough money to buy his own lollipops. But Roesgen has no idea that this is the issue!

Susan Roesgen thinks that American voters ought to be happy because handouts are promised. There will be many blogs and articles declaring FIRE SUSAN ROESGEN and Boycott CNN. CNN is unfair, CNN is biased, CNN has an agenda for the world and that agenda does not include informing the viewer. It might have to do with leading us to a progressivist society of collectivism, one which we don't want!

Maybe people would like to send CNN a letter and let them know this kind of reporting and bias will not be tolerated. And if you write, do send a note along to Susan and point her to my blog. She could learn a little bit by reading about lollipops and how much they really cost. She needs to develop an understanding of Unaffordable Lollipops and what those lollipops do to the electorate upon whom they are foisted. When people learn about the costs associated sweet lollipops, (which include the currently impending bankruptcy of otherwise wealthy states and countries), they no longer want anything to do with these goodies. And that is why the Tea Party Movement is growing by leaps and bounds.

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Little League mom said...

Where can we get the email addresses for the executives at CNN? Yesterday evening I sent an email to the general email address on CNN's website to let them know that Susan Roesgen's conduct was completely unprofessional and that I have decided to stop watching CNN until they regain their journalistic integrity. I strongly encourage my fellow Americans to join me in contacting CNN and boycotting their channel. I also plan to cancel my subscription to the New York Times, which is another heavily biased member of the media. We need to make these media outlets realize that their ratings and circulation are at risk if they maintain their blatant political bias. When a media outlet experiences a reduction in its ratings (or circulation in the case of newpapers and magazines), advertisers are able to negotiate lower rates; so this a way that we can have an impact on the revenues of these media companies. Let's stand up to these media behemoths as David stood up to Goliath. As consumers we have power...we just need to use it!

Purple Crayon said...

Excellent question, Little League Mom,about the phone numbers. I have posted a request for help over at SmartGirlPolitics. Maybe someone will be able to help.

Someday said...

Excellent article.
I think that there is starting to be a backlash against so called news networks that is driving viewers away in droves, and stock holders in their parent corporations are beginning to question the leadership.

Whimsical Ranter said...

I've never heard of her, of course I don't watch CNN, well unless there is a car chase being reported.

I would love to see a news channel that is really unbiased. Not leaning to the left or right. Just reports the news, without commentary and letting the viewer decide (if we're allowed that anymore) what their thoughts are. A novel idea but I doubt it will fly. I don't think people watching TV anymore want to think, they want to be told what they should think. They want to be given a snappy debate or see guests yelled at by the "host". They want to be preached to by their choir. They don't want to be told their side (whatever it is) might be wrong or misinformed.

I don't care which is side is running the roost, I just want the reporting of it to be balanced, and honest. Maybe I'm just not with it.