Monday, March 2, 2009

Send a Tea Bag to the White House!

There are many things we want in life, but some of them are just unaffordable. And so it is with government. That is why it is important to keep government small and run it as cheaply as we can. BUT, It is now crystal clear to Americans that the man who seeks to "make government cool again" has climbed aboard a freight train of spending. He wants big government and he wants it now. This we must stop, because otherwise we are going to have to pay, and we will be paying too much! As always, the middle class will bear the burden, because there are not enough so-called "rich people" to fund these wide-reaching and permanent costs. Already the congress is approving bills which will limit the tax deductions which the middle class are used to having. Removal of deductions is known as a tax increase! So no matter what we were told by the Obama campaign, the middle class will indeed see substantial increases to their taxation. Don't put up with it!

The time to speak up is now. Perhaps you would like to join the New American Tea Party and send a teabag to the White House. Address in the clickable bumper sticker at the top of the page.

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